Commitment to Excellence. Empowering Culture.

Founded in 2007, Oakleaf is a Data, Modeling, Capital Markets, Loan Review, and Risk Advisory firm serving banks and non-bank mortgage firms, GSEs, regulators, government agencies, law firms, insurance companies, and asset managers. Our team consists of industry subject matter experts, risk management professionals, and technologists who work together to help solve our clients' toughest problems. Oakleaf strives to enhance the financial and regulatory industry with data-driven, model-informed, analytics-enabled, and operationally rigorous services and solutions.

Oakleaf's Leadership Team

Oakleaf’s leadership team offers a powerful combination of financial industry domain expertise, modeling and analytic capabilities, and regulatory risk and compliance knowledge. Our professional staff share the company’s passion for excellence in technology-enabled data analytics and modeling in the mortgage and financial services industries. Their expertise empowers Oakleaf to provide innovative, high-value solutions to our clients that serve business functions and inform business strategy.
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Our Client-centered Strategy

At Oakleaf, we differentiate ourselves through our commitment to building lasting client relationships. Our strategy is to invest in communication and research to ensure that we understand the drivers of every client’s success. This approach enables us to align our goals to those of our clients to provide expertise-infused advisory services and technology-aware implementation assistance that result in successful mission outcomes.


Our Mission

At Oakleaf, we are committed to the betterment of society through corporate accountability, transparency, fairness, and integrity, which will better serve all stakeholders. Oakleaf's mission is to inspire our clients by meeting and exceeding their expectations, provide an opportunity-rich professional environment for our employees that empowers them to develop innovative solutions, and charge fair compensation for services provided.


Integrity and trust are our cultural north stars. We set out at the inception of engagements to tell our stakeholders what they can expect, to live up to those expectations, and to treat others well.


Oakleaf was founded on our commitment to excellence in the delivery of cutting-edge quality advisory services and technology-aware implementation assistance to drive client success.


At Oakleaf, we are committed to transparency in all our employee and client relationships. We believe that transparency breeds trust, and trust is the core to our brand and client relations.
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Our Community

At Oakleaf, we are deeply committed to building strong relationships of integrity and trust – both within our workplace and with our clients, as well as in the community. Oakleaf is a proud supporter of the Capital Area Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity of Washington, DC. In 2020, Oakleaf adopted a remote workplace model in response to the pandemic, and continues to maintain a 100% virtual work environment.


Oakleaf is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and embracing the full multiplicity of humanity. At Oakleaf, we celebrate our differences and we draw on these to build an empowering and supportive environment. We value diversity, respect, and dignity for all people, and promote equal opportunity for all.

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